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A plan that has come together

A plan that has come together

It is amazing what a little perseverance and careful planning can do.

From an idea brought to life on a working retreat in the highlands to a thriving school which has grown to encompass every stage of a child’s development stage – that is where Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) is at today.

GOTS was just an idea co-founder Veronica Shepherdson was toying around with as she saw the need for a new way to educate children.

Today, after that fateful day at a popular holiday spot in Pahang with her co-founders, GOTS has grown from a primary school in 2018 to one which has a pre-primary and a secondary school – and it all happened in less than 24 months.

“We have grown so much and so fast. From just four students last January to nearly 100 this year. And we have more plans to expand,” Shepherdson says with a twinkle in her eye.

“Our new secondary school in Plaza Jelutong is huge and I expect the numbers to increase rapidly as we have been getting many enquiries.”

While happy with the growth, Shepherdson admits to being a little apprehensive.

“It actually is a big challenge for us and me personally as in the past year, we have been focusing on primary students.

“We only brought in the pre-primary children late last year.

“It was always in the plans to have a secondary school and now we have completed that phase. It will take a little time to adjust running three schools but I have faith in my brilliant and hardworking staff.”

Shepherdson says GOTS has developed a reputation for its unconventional way of teaching – blending east and west and making it fun for the scholars to absorb lessons.

This has been one of the school’s selling points.

“We do not stress our scholars when we teach them. There is also no homework – even for the secondary school,” she explains.

“Everything is completed in the school. That way they have more time to enjoy doing the things they love.

“As proven by our academic results last year, this method works and many parents have come to accept it,” she adds.

To learn more about GOTS, visit www.gots.edu.my

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