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A Wonderful Year For Everyone

A Wonderful Year For Everyone

It has been a wonderful year for everyone at Global Oak Tree Scholars.

As the school term comes to an end, here are the key highlights of 2018.

* Doors open on January 8 with four students.
* Our numbers have been growing steadily and we may have to expand soon.

Special recognition
* Approved as Cambridge Examination Centre for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in August.

Special activities
* Field trip to Planetarium Negara on June 12.
* Merdeka Day celebrations on August 30.
* Cancer Awareness Day on October 12
* Sports carnival on October 20.
* Halloween party on November 2
* Concert and best student awards on November 17.

Best student
Year 1: Jayden Nishaan
Year 2: Myo Sett Kyaw
Year 3: Madilynn Tan
Year 4: Aini Sakina Ammar
Year 5: Tan Jae Hann

Good manners
Kesthryl Joan Dewa Balan
Jayden Nishaan
Myo Sett Kyaw
Nathalie Wong
Mohd Ashraf Azim

Outstanding academic performance for 2018
Myo Sett Kyaw

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