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Abisheganaden Relishes New Challenges

Abisheganaden Relishes New Challenges

Gerard Abisheganaden is always game for new challenges and the former principal of Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) primary school is ready to roll up his sleeves when the secondary school opens this month.

GOTS secondary at Plaza Jelutong, Shah Alam is part of the brand’s evolution to give children a comprehensive education – starting from pre-school right up to their IGCSE examinations.

And it is not all about book smarts but enhancing life skills.

“Just like the primary school, we aim to produce well-rounded students who will not only score high marks academically but also be able to stand on their own,” says Abisheganaden who is now Head of Academics and Head of Curriculum at GOTS Secondary.

“The scholars will be taught to be socially adept, imaginative and financially smart – assets that will help them as they step into adulthood.

“It is never easy starting a new school but as we showed with the success of our primary school, GOTS resonates with parents who want only the best for their children.”

Having worked in the education field for over three decades, Abisheganaden knows what is needed to put GOTS secondary school on the map.

“We have a great team of teachers, or coaches as we call them at GOTS, and that is the backbone of every successful school,” says the musically inclined Abisheganaden.

“Some of them have taught at the primary school so they know what GOTS is all about.”

He says the international school has improved elements learnt from other educational institutions while adding new ideas to make the lessons unique and beneficial.

“As we often say at GOTS, we are definitely different and this is reflected in everything we do.”

To learn more about GOTS Secondary, visit https://www.gots.edu.my/secondary-school/

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