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About Coach Jo-Ann Briggets

About Coach Jo-Ann Briggets

Even coaches are learning at GOTS

Jo-Ann Briggets has a simple philosophy about teaching – the method we use to learn may be limited but what we can learn is limitless.

“Every day, and no matter what age, we are always learning something,” said the Head of English at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS).

“Learning is a life-long process and it is something I love doing and sharing.”

Growing up, whenever she was asked about her ambition, Briggets would answer “teacher” – even though she hated going to school!

“Teaching always appealed to me, even before I started preschool.

“I used to bug my mum to buy red pens as I wanted to mark my activity books,” recalled Briggets.

“I dreamt of being a teacher but I wasn’t a great lover of school.

“I preferred studying at home as I didn’t find memorising and writing down the lessons appealing. The education I was getting in school was never enough.”

This urge to change the way children learn drove her to take up a teaching job with Montessori while studying for an International Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

“But I found it overwhelming juggling studies and working, and branched out to other industries.

“I was an account assistant as well as in customer service and did some tutoring on the side.

“Finally about 10 years ago, I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and returned to teaching,” said Briggets who has a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.

“I’m planning on furthering my studies – perhaps to get my Masters. Learning is limitless.”

After nine years at her previous establishment, Briggets joined GOTS early this year as she was looking for a new challenge.

She felt she needed a change and to reach out to more students.

“One of the reasons I went into education was not just to teach English and grammar but to engage with them about life and values,” said Briggets.

“And that is something GOTS champions.”

Among the core values that GOTS focuses on are love, compassion integrity, filial piety, kindness, sensitivity and honesty.

The Shah Alam-based international school also includes life skills such as financial literacy classes and how to interact with society in its curriculum.

“Although I’ve been at GOTS for only nine months, it feels like I’ve been here from the beginning,” said Briggets.

“I had to learn everything from a fresh pair of eyes and I’ve actually grown as a coach and person.

“I used to have stage fright but since coming to GOTS, I’ve overcome that fear. So now only are the scholars learning, we coaches are also evolving too.

“We are learning together.”

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