About GOTS

5 Pillars of Education

Holistic, dynamic learning environment

Coaches, parents promote learning, critical thinking

Good education system, curriculum

Focus on character development, language, technology, and financial literacy

Great coaches, great leaders

Coaches inspire, motivate scholars

Great Learners

Scholars are trained to be good listeners, communicators, and problem solvers

Respected individuals

Coaches develop leaders by fostering creativity, innovation, and  persistence

Learning Philosophy

At GOTS we nurture the concept of lifelong love for learning.

Our concept of Global Education encompasses an educational approach that emphasises learning concepts and skills to function in a world that has no borders.

We provide students the necessary tools to facilitate the understanding of the very essence of East-meets-West education through a combination of experiential learning, perspectives, and culture, into all lessons. This is to enhance knowledge learnt in the classroom. GOTS stands for borderless world education.

GOTS’ approach to education is unique, universal, and second to none.

GOTS’ academic offering is one that is deeply reflective and is constantly evolving to impart academic knowledge and skills, accentuated with innovative, character-strengthening syllabi.

To achieve this, forward-thinking Western education is matched with Eastern values  that emphasise filial piety.

12 Reasons Why GOTS is

We provide a Global Education system which combines best of the Eastern and Western education systems and values. It will be of the highest quality, better than the best.

We offer Character First Teaching and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) to form part of the ECA teaching – focusing on building integrity and excellent attitudes.

To nurture students who can enter any university, anywhere in the world.

To nurture highly skilful and competent professionals with excellent attitudes who will be sought after by the best companies globally.

To nurture multi-talented global citizens in the areas of science, financial literacy, mathematics, the arts, sports, and leadership in all fields.

To achieve the mission, we built a team of A+ Coaches comprising highly motivated, loyal and competent staff, who regard the company as their second home.

To achieve lifelong commitment to the organisation, teachers’ and staff’s children are offered free, or subsidised school fees at GOTS learning hubs. Their medical expenses are covered through insurance.

To nurture socially, environmentally, and professionally-conscious global citizens.

To nurture global citizens who are problem solvers, lifelong learners, and teachers. Training students to be competent communicators, with strong interpersonal skills. In exposing students to experiential learning, we create life’s difficult situations for them to experience and  learn.

To nurture business-savvy and highly ethical entrepreneurs.

Financial Literacy will be taught from age 6.

The teaching will impart strong family values like “Honour your father and mother” and Confucius’ teachings of filial piety.

Our Values