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Building Lasting Relationships, The GOTS Way

Building Lasting Relationships, The GOTS Way

It was not your usual parents-teachers meeting.

At Global Oak Tree Scholars, everything is definitely different and this was proven at its year-end camp in the last week of November.

To help better understand GOTS’ teaching methodology, the parents were encouraged to let their hair down and become “children again” during the camp.

“The camp was for the coaches (as teachers are known at GOTS) to get to know the parents better and for the parents to learn more about what we do at GOTS,” said founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“We do have regular updates but during the camp, we had lots of fun activities where the parents could just enjoy themselves and learn some of our teaching methods,” she added.

The camp was held over two days – coaches and scholars on Nov 29, with parents joining the following day.

On Nov 30, following a talk by Shepherdson, the parents were blindfolded and then had to locate their children, who imitated the sounds of four animals – dog, cat, cow and frog.

Once this was done, the children performed a dance with their coaches.

The scholars then had to teach their parents the opening steps as the parents had to join them in the dance!

Some of the adults were hesitant at first but eventually came out of their shells to put on a good performance.

This was followed by a talk on Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP which is learning the language of your mind.

The parents were also given a “modality survey” to see how best they learn new things – audio (learn by listening), visual (learn by seeing) and kinesthetic (learning by feeling, touching and doing).

The parents were then grouped together to devise teaching multiplication tables methods for children according to their learning styles.

“This was to give them a sense of what we do on a daily basis. If they know which category their child falls under, it will make it easier if they want to help with their lessons,” said Shepherdson.

Before the day ended, the parents were required to write a six-line poem which did not come easy for some.

Some presented their poems in front of the other parents before they were once again blindfolded while their children made their way back silently into the room.

The scholars then whispered their poems expressing their feelings in their parents’ ears. There was hardly a dry eye when this was done.

Finally, it was the coaches’ turn to be blindfolded as the parents and scholars took turns to thank them.

Once again, tears flowed freely before everyone hugged and wished each other happy holidays, going home feeling closer to each other.

To learn more about GOTS, log on to www.gots.edu.my

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