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Building Leaders from a Tender Age

Building Leaders from a Tender Age

Building leaders from a tender age


Veronica Shepherdson has always been a determined person.

At the age of six, she had made up her mind to be an educator and she didn’t let anything stand in her way.

Fast forward to today and she is the co-founder of Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS), which offers international education for pre-primary, primary and secondary scholars in City of Elmina (East) Shah Alam and Plaza Jelutong, Shah Alam.

A born leader, Shepherdson nonetheless, believes it is a trait which can be taught.

Throughout her over 25 years in the education field, she has helped many shy or introverted students come out of their shell.

Some have gone on to forge remarkable careers after ‘discovering’ confidence and leadership qualities they never knew they possessed.

“Anyone can be a leader and the best time to teach this characteristic is at a young age,” says Shepherdson ahead of GOTS’ Gen Y Leadership Workshop at its City of Elmina Campus, Shah Alam on May 25.

“It is easier to mould children into leaders as they are receptive to ideas and new ways of thinking.”

Shepherdson adds GOTS’ unique and exciting teaching methods are about making young children become better versions of themselves with an equal emphasis on book-smarts and getting along with others.

“We want to produce well-rounded scholars and this workshop is an example of what we do.

“We can’t reveal all our secrets but it is a taster of what children and parents can expect if they enrol in GOTS.”

Supporting Shepherdson at the event is TEDx Talk speaker Dr A.J. Minai.

Minai, who last month won the Best LinkedIn Influencer award at Malaysia Social Media Week, is a coach at GOTS and coincidentally, a former student of Shepherdson.

He is one of her success stories, having overcome being a victim of bullying before forging a career working with brands like Google, Allianz, Legrand, Marcus Evans, Tune Group, and many more.

Minai has since gone on to speak at over 180 events since 2013 about brand leadership, inter-generational (Gen XYZ) dynamics, digital disruption, and workplace EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

In addition to leadership skills, participants of GOTS Gen Y Leadership Workshop will be exposed to programmes that will improve communication, learn how to solve problems and handle criticisms.

The activities planned for the programme include role-playing and analysing how to act in certain situations.

To register for the workshop, call: 011-3906 6866 or log on to http://bit.ly/Gen-Y_Leadership-Workshop


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