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Charismatic Ashraf Azim

Charismatic Ashraf Azim

Charismatic Ashraf Azim wins over friends and coaches

Mohamad Ashraf Azim Mohamad Hasmizal is perhaps the perfect winner of Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) Student of the Month award.

A born leader who is charismatic, intelligent, helpful and responsible, Ashraf Azim is also humble and hardworking – traits which GOTS instils in each scholar.

“I’m shocked to have won this award,” said Ashraf Azim, who despite his down-to-earth demeanour, comes of out his shell when ‘performing’.

He was one of the stars of the Michael Jackson-themed GOTS’ concert last year and was once again in a ‘Grease’ sequence in this year’s show.

“I enjoy dancing but I never neglect my studies,” he said.

“What’s great about GOTS is we (scholars) are given the opportunity to shine in the performing arts.”

Ashraf Azim’s parents – Mohamad Hasmizal Azmi and Farah Adibah Abdul Rahman – attended the award ceremony and were beaming throughout.

The couple enrolled Ashraf Azim and his brother Mohamad Ashraf Zarif in GOTS last year and have no regrets.

“GOTS has helped my sons a lot,” said Mohamad Hasmizal.

“They are total opposites with (Ashraf) Azim more adaptable and outgoing. (Ashraf) Zarif is the quieter one.

“The teaching approach at GOTS has helped them and I can see the improvements.

“We scouted several schools before deciding on GOTS.”

Farah said they were informed about Ashraf Azim’s win but kept it a secret from him.

“We played it cool although we were and still are excited,” she said.

“I’m so happy to see him bloom.”

Mohamad Hasmizal added: “I asked him if there was anything special going on in school (on the day of the ceremony) and he replied ‘nothing’.

“He did look nervous when he went up to accept the award.”

GOTS co-founder Veronica Shepherdson said the idea behind the Student of the Month award was to motivate and recognise scholars.

“It is not something we take lightly. The coaches spend so much time giving their views and in this instance, the winner has a long list of traits we are all proud of,” said Shepherdson.

She added the award winners are ‘stars’ of the school as their faces and stories would be splashed on the GOTS’ social media accounts as well as its websites.

“Those selected have lived up to our expectations.”

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