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Chill Out at GOTS, every day

Chill Out at GOTS, every day

“It’s about letting your hair down and having fun.”

That was Veronica Shepherdson’s simple message to the Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) secondary intake earlier this year.

She was explaining the rationale behind the Chill Out classes which take place every day to the inaugural batch of scholars at the secondary school in Plaza Jelutong, Shah Alam.

These activities are speech and drama (Monday), Taekwondo (Tuesday), dance (Wednesday), Taiko drums (Thursday) and Frisbee (Friday).

There is also boot camp every Wednesday morning to whip the scholars into shape.

Shepherdson said these lessons are meant to stimulate the scholars’ minds as well as help build their character.

“Teenagers are usually self-conscious, so these lessons are about them mingling with their friends without feeling embarrassed.

“Not many teenagers like to go on stage to speak in public or perform but our Chill Out classes lets them express themselves in a safe environment.”

She said speech and drama classes help build confidence not only before the scholars go on stage or perform, but eventually would help them when they attend job interviews.

“They are having fun acting out scenes from a play or drama but the classes teach them how to carry themselves and pronounce words and phrases so people understand them.

“When you learn to become confident, the way you walk and talk can make a difference as an adult. We are preparing them for life after school.”

She explained dance and Taiko drums are about rhythm and performing and jokingly added: “And the boys might not feel so awkward when they are older and want to ask a girl to dance!

“Taekwondo and Frisbee are different activities but both teach strategy and planning while the scholars get a good workout in the weekly boot camp sessions.”

Shepherdson said these fun activities will “energise the scholars’ brains” and enable them to absorb lessons better.

“While the way we present our lessons is different, young minds need a boost and these activities help them stay focused,” she said.

To learn more about GOTS and Chill Out classes, log on to www.gots.edu.my

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