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Creating Financial Savvy Scholars

Creating Financial Savvy Scholars

You’re never too young to learn about money and that is the basis of Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) FinancialSmart programme.

Run in collaboration with world-renowned MoneyTree, the programme is aimed at developing financial savvy kids and teenagers by complementing academic achievement with financial literacy.

The interactive sessions focus on real-life case studies to help children understand the concept of money with the aim of equipping them with a life skill that will prepare them for the real world.

The scholars in GOTS secondary can expect to learn about investing in the stock market, how to buy and sell a property, saving, interest and assets vs liabilities.

These will provide them the foundation for financial literacy.

But for now, coach Ranjita Mohgan is taking ‘baby steps’ with the scholars.

“Since the scholars are still new to the programme, we are not going to overload them with too much information,” said Ranjita.

There are actually three stages in the MoneyTree programme, with each comprising three levels – basic (ages 6-8), junior (9-12) and apprentice (13-17).

So Ranjita has the unenvious task of combining the lessons to ensure the scholars don’t miss a thing.

“Actually it is more about merging the junior and apprentice sections as the junior level is very basic,” she said.

“For the first semester, we won’t delve too much into the stock market or even property.

“It is more important to get the basics right before we take the next step.”

She has been introducing scholars to the autobiographies of several well-known business personalities and said the scholars enjoyed reading about their lives, struggles and successes.

“One of the lessons they learnt is that anyone can be a success or failure. You need luck at times but the effort you put in helps.

“And you must never give up. Many billionaires are where they are because they persevered with their ideas and learnt how to bounce back when they hit rock-bottom.”

To learn more about GOTS’ FinancialSmart programme, log on to www.gots.edu.my

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