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Creating Leaders at GOTS Gen Y Leadership Workshop

Creating Leaders at GOTS Gen Y Leadership Workshop

Creating leaders at GOTS Gen Y Leadership Workshop


Leaders can be made.

This is what Global Oak Tree Scholars’ Gen Y Leadership Workshop at its City of Elmina Campus, Shah Alam on May 25 will teach you.

Led by GOTS co-founder Veronica Shepherdson and renowned TEDx Talk speaker Dr A.J. Minai, this half-day course will teach children aged 8 to 12 the fundamentals of becoming a great leader.

“Parents must understand the value of emotional intelligence in their children,” says Minai.

“Once parents realise kids are meant to have character and not end up being characters, they will embrace emotional intelligence in school.

“Most kids spend the vast majority of the K-12 (first 12 years of school life) learning from books but not how to interact. This is beginning to change.

“In Japan and soon Singapore, they are abolishing examinations for younger children to bring back the joy of learning.

“The focus is now on ‘character building’ which is another way of describing emotional intelligence.

“They have realised that to become a good leader, the child must be well-rounded, good in examinations and also interact well with others.”

This is Minai’s area of expertise as he is the SHINE coach at GOTS.

SHINE – (S)ocial, (H)umble, (I)maginative, (N)etwork, (E)ffective – is the first experiential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) focused training framework in Southeast Asia.

It focuses on competencies not just theories and is designed to develop a sense of self within a child.

“We have a saying in SHINE which goes ‘The sun shines on us every morning. So you have to shine on others every day’.

“As such, I will take lessons from SHINE and introduce them in the workshop,” says Minai.

“In SHINE we have games and team-building exercises as well as sharing experiences of what is morally right or wrong.

“When you have no morality attached, you can make several wrong decisions but believe you are right.”

Minai explains the games that will be played during the workshop are designed to teach the children leadership skills without being too demanding.

“We are dealing with young children. So that’s why we have these games.

“While they’re having fun, their minds are learning something new, even if they don’t know about it at that time.”

Even a game of dodge ball can teach children leadership skills as Minai demonstrated at GOTS recently.

“Some of the scholars wanted to trade teams but they could only do so if someone else from the other team wanted to move.

“They had to negotiate the trade but failed to do so. They then had to earn back the trust of their teammates for wanting to leave.

“The game also taught them about strategy and teamwork as they could only win if they all were on the same page.”

Minai says more thought-provoking games will be held during the workshop and benefit children greatly.

To register for the workshop, call 011-39066866 or log on to http://bit.ly/Gen-Y_Leadership-Workshop


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