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Critical Thinkers

Critical Thinkers

GOTS creates critical thinkers

At Global Oak Tree Scholars :(GOTS), it is not just about scoring the marks needed to pass examinations.

Head of Academics Gerard Abisheganaden says many places teach their students how to pass examinations by repeating and remembering what the teachers say.

“We don’t teach your children how to pass examinations. We give them the knowledge and coach them to be critical thinkers,”said Abisheganaden who has been an educator for over 25 years.

“That way, not only can they pass their examinations but they can also succeed in whatever they do.

“We don’t want parrots – students who just repeat what a teacher says. That’s not going to help them in the long run.

“What we do is different. Of course, we follow the syllabus, but we give scholars knowledge and skills to be critical thinkers.

“When scholars can think on their own, they can analyse any situation and come up with the answers.”

Abisheganaden said scholars are allowed to “challenge” the coaches as the two-way communication keeps everyone on their toes.

“Scholars can ‘call-out’ their coaches – respectfully, of course – if they think there is a mistake or an error.

“It is not the traditional ‘listen to me and keep quiet’ approach,” said Abisheganaden.

Abisheganaden also said scholars enjoy coming to GOTS as they have the freedom to express themselves.

Although there are uniforms, there is ‘casual Friday’ where they can wear whatever they want to school.

“Some of the boys have grown their hair out. Of course, like their dressing, everything has to be neat and respectful,” said Abisheganaden.

To learn more about GOTS and our unique teaching methodology, call our education consultants at +6011-3906 6866, WhatsApp https://wa.me/601139066866 or visit www.gots.edu.my.

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