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The educational corner stones which our school’s curriculum is based on are:


Personal Development

Culture & Sports

Environment & Community

At GOTS we focus on the IGCSE Syllabus

What is IGCSE?

Global education, an international curriculum that provides life empowering skills.



  • GOTS approach to education is unique, universal and second to none. The GOTS academic offering is one that is deeply reflective and is constantly evolving to impart academic knowledge and skills, accentuated with innovative character strengthening syllabi. To achieve this, forward-thinking western education acumen are matched with Eastern value discernment that emphasizes filial piety.



  • Every learner that passes through our portals will be sealed with the GOTS breath and endowed with GOTS values; preparing him or her to be a 21stcentury global citizen ready to take on any university across the globe.



  • GOTS academic offering features the internationalICGSE curriculum which is further reinforced with our own syllabi; focused on endowing children with the characteristics of character building, communication, language mastery, and interpersonal skills – known as the GOTS breath. Learners are encouraged to learn via an experiential and self-discovery methodology as opposed to one that focuses on rote learning with a singular emphasis on grades. In addition to this, there is a prominence towards honing writing skills with the aim of producing great writers.



a) International Curriculum


GOTS academic offering features the international ICGSE curriculum which is further reinforced with our own syllabi that focuses on character building (GOTS SHINE) and life skills.

Name of award:
The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
Offered by:
The University of Cambridge International Examination
Type of qualification:
Based on individual subjects of study, which means that one receives an “IGCSE” qualification for each subject one takes. Description: An English language, learner- centred curriculum offered to students to prepare them for A Level or BTEC Level 3. It is based on the GCE O-Level and is recognised as being equivalent to the GCSE.
Core Areas: Literacy, numeracy and science.

Stage Pre-Primary Primary Secondary
Age 5 6-11 12-16
Description Teaching Methodology The GOTSs pre-primary programme features a balance of social and financial themes.










Our teaching methodology highlights ‘learning by doing’ and encourages our Kindergartners to take an active role in the learning process.

GOTS Cambridge International Primary Programme (IGCSE) offers a range of teaching methods and curriculum best suited to prepare the student for a secondary education.






We focus on FUN, activity based learning that is aimed at character building, financial literacy and an appreciation for society and the environment.

Our Secondary Programme is a heuristic based education to prepare the student for a college/tertiary education









We will focus on activities and creativity driven teaching methods that are aimed at evoking a student’s ability to understand a concept from various angles.


Character strengthening and financial literacy are further reinforced from real-world perspectives.

Subjects Thematic Lessons: A combination of Social Studies, English, Maths, Phonics, Science. Introducing the following themes:

My Family

My neighborhood

Colours and Shapes


Nature Around Us



Human Evolution

Character Building

English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), History, Geography, Languages, Art, Music, SHINE (Life Skills), Financial Smart, FUNKY MUNKY English, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, Art, History, Geography, Music, B.M. (compulsory) Mandarin (optional). Additional mathematics, Economics, Accounting, Business Studies (year 10 and 11 only), SHINE (Life Skills), Financial Smart, FUNKY MUNKY
Assessment Summative Tests will show progression of the child’s ability through primary education in preparation for the secondary stage. Formative and summative Tests will show progression of the child’s ability through the secondary programme in preparation for the IGCSE final examinations
Extra-Curricular Dance, Music, Drama Dance, Music, Drama



b) Innovative complementary subjects


  • At GOTS we firmly believe that happy children make happy students and happy parents. To achieve this, the IGCSE curriculum is further enriched by a host of subjects which are equally innovative in its content as it is in how they are delivered.
  • Subjects/ programmes such as SHINE, Financial Smart and Funky Munky are unique to and available only at GOTS; and have been specially crafted or in some cases commissioned for our students. Due to the importance of these courses in defining a child, GOTS has taken the unprecedented step to embed these subjects into the curriculum, therefore making them available to all our students.
  • These subjects/ programmes focuses on the skills needed in the 21st century to build the 6 quotients of intelligence, emotional, love, money, IT and big data. These skills will equip our students with the skills pivotal in molding them to become global entrepreneurial leaders. On a shorter term, our primary goal is to ensure that every child is eager to attend school.





Duration: 1 hr 30min per week



GOTS SHINE is a unique and proprietary programme dedicated towards endowing students with the GOTS five life skill pillars of Character First, Communication, Competence, Interpersonal Skills and Multiple Intelligence otherwise known as the GOTS breath.
During the GOTS SHINE period, children learn life skills through play. Each letter in the word SHINE represents a core competency that plays an important part in nurturing a truly global oak tree scholar who will go on to make the Nation and the world a better place.

Social: Communication/ emotional intelligence


Humble: Character/ Mindfulness


Imagination: Creativity/ Passion


Networking: Collaborating with others


Effective: Critical Problem Solving Skills.



  • Financial Smart


Duration: 1 hour per week



Financial Smart a financial literacy programme embedded into the GOTS curriculum. Run in collaboration with the world-renowned Money Tree, it is aimed at developing savvy entrepreneurs by complementing academic achievement with financial literacy.

The programme is designed for children (aged 6-12 years old) and teenagers (aged 13-17 years old) and it teaches children about financial literacy through play. The interactive sessions focuses on a real-life case studies to help children understand the concept of money; with the aim of equipping them with a life skill that will prepare them for the real-world.



  • Funky Munky Activities



Duration: 45 mins daily



Funky Munky, is a unique programme to GOTS which is a creative and an innovative approach to the implementation of extra-curricular activities. Whilst other establishments, fix extra-curricular hours for after academic lessons, our cheekily coined session Funky Munky, is held between the hours of 12.15-1.00pm in the afternoon.



This out-of-the box approach effectively breaks the monotony of study and gives children a time to revitalize themselves through various programmes (other than PE) such as hip-hop dance, Japanese drums, speech and drama, taekwondo and ballet.



This adaptation to the time-table has done wonders in creating energy amongst the children making them eager to come to school every day




PrePrimary to Year 7 Onwards (IGCSE)



Co-curricular and theme based


Learner Centered

Learn-through-play and experiential learning


Physical Education


ICT for starters





Life skills & empowerment



Focus on Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin



External benchmark

As an international programme, GOTS Syllabus provides teachers with an external benchmark with regards to teaching methods and easily measure learners’ progress over time. It also enables detailed and structured reporting to parents.

International curriculum

Appropriate and relevant internationally, GOTS Syllabus has been designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes top-quality teaching and assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning in local and international schools.

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