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Debates, Public Speaking & Writing Workshops

Debates, Public Speaking & Writing Workshops

Debates, public speaking courses, writing workshops push boundaries of scholars’ creativity

Schools are likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future, but Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School’s Head of English, Jo-Ann Briggets, has big plans for the school’s Literature, Drama and Debating Society.

Among them are online debates, impromptu and planned public speaking assignments and creative writing courses.

“Before school closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I conducted an online debate. It was a success,” said Briggets, who organised the debate in anticipation of a lockdown.

“The scholars showed great teamwork and were proactive. I was surprised at how well they adapted to it.

“That is why I am confident the online debates would be something they would do well in.”

She revealed she is also planning an inter-class debate for the school’s second term that begins today.

The idea is for the winners of each class to debate each other – giving the scholars more opportunity to sharpen their debating skills.

After the month-long term break, Briggets said she would challenge them by giving impromptu public speaking assignments.

“After being away for so long, it would take them a while to warm up. One way of doing so is by training them to think on their feet via public speaking assignments,” she said.

“Of course, there would be proper segments for them to speak and they would also be given time to prepare.”

As for creative writing, she said it was to push the boundaries of the scholars’ creativity.

“They would have the creative freedom to write on anything they like – it would not be confined to school subjects,” said Briggets, who explained the scholars could write monologues, scripts, short stories and write in the first and third person.

“They already have their literature and essays, so I want them to express themselves differently.”

Among the other items on her to-do list are poetry competitions and songwriting.

“The scholars are good at poetry. Some came up with lovely ones for Hari Raya. We would likely ask them to write poems for Deepavali.

“I also want them to start writing songs, but instead of singing, I want them to ‘recite’ it, accompanied by music.”

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