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Dr Ali Azman Minhaj

Dr Ali Azman Minhaj

As a paediatrician, Dr Ali Azman Minhaj knows it is never easy dealing with young people.

To gain their trust, you have to be gentle and kind but also firm when dishing out advice.

This is something he sees in Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) co-founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“I’ve known of the principal (Shepherdson) and the kind of work she does with her teachers and students,” said Dr Ali.

“The camp she conducted for the parents and children last month was everything I imagined it would be.

“I really enjoyed it and hope more such events will be held.”

There is another GOTS connection for Dr Ali as he is the paediatrician for GOTS senior ambassador Manpreet Kaur’s two children.

“She was always telling me about the school and I was curious about it.

“The advantage is that it is close to my house and I asked my family if they wanted to check it out.

“After looking at the various schools, I researched and found that GOTS was the best choice for my two kids (Mikhail Imran and Adiel Amran).”

Dr Ali said what attracted him most to GOTS was the wholesome and inclusiveness of the coaching methods.

“The coaches include everyone in the lessons as they teach according to a student’s ability. They take their time to explain the lesson so everyone understands it,” he said.

He added the biggest factor to him was that GOTS coaches have NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for Academics which Shepherdson helped develop with the American Board of NLP.

“I have attended several NLP courses before and know its benefits.

“It’s good that the kids are being exposed to it at GOTS.

“We have been in GOTS for only seven months and I can honestly say there has been a vast improvement in all areas of their development.”

To learn more about GOTS and how your child can attend a free two-day trial class which comes with waivers for a placement test and registration fee, plus a chance to get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab, call our education consultants at +6011-3906 6866 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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