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Ending the year with a twist

Ending the year with a twist

Ending the year with a twist

There was laughter and tears but most of all, there was so much love.

Not only did the coaches, parents and their children have a great time at Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) year-end camp, they also raised over RM1,300 for an animal shelter!

As is customary, GOTS organises a two-day year-end camp where the coaches, scholars and their parents can meet, dance, play and learn more about each other.

Although fun, there were lessons behind each game such as creating teamwork, learning to communicate and fine-tuning organisational skills, among others.

In one of the games, the parents had to do a pull-string art – the twist was, they had to take instructions from their children.

“Not many parents have done this before. We asked the scholars to give the instructions as we wanted to see how well the parents listened to their children,” said GOTS co-founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“This was also an indication of how the scholars would like to be talked to by their parents.”

Shepherdson said some of the activities were designed to “teach” the parents how lessons are conducted in GOTS.

“At GOTS, each lesson incorporates elements from the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning spectrums.

“We wanted to show the parents how we do things and how they can be better teachers to their children because the way they learned could be different from their offspring.”

The scholars and parents also exchanged heartfelt words which saw tears flow as they expressed their feelings for each other.

The parents were then given a blue ribbon for each of their children and an extra one for their favourite teacher.

Before the camp ended, the parents bid for their children’s artwork and the money raised – RM1,310 – will be passed to an animal shelter.

To learn more about GOTS and how your child can benefit from our Definitely Different methodology, call our education consultants at +6011-3906 6866 or visit www.gots.edu.my.

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