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‘Flip teaching’ puts scholars in charge, the GOTS way

‘Flip teaching’ puts scholars in charge, the GOTS way

Flip teaching’ puts scholars in charge, the GOTS way

One innovative coaching method that is the norm at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School, is ‘flip teaching’.

If you have not heard of the term before, flip teaching is where a classroom is ‘flipped around’ with the scholar becoming the coach for the day.

Recently, science coach Irene Malar Abel, held a flip class for her Year 4 scholars, and it caught the eye of Harjinder Singh Sandhu.

Harjinder said his son, Jayden Nishaan Sandhu, was very enthusiastic about the class.

“Flip teaching is a marvellous method that Teacher Irene used in the Year 4 class, during her lesson.  

“Students became teachers for the day, and they were supposed to teach their teacher, and their classmates, a topic from the Science subject,” said Harjinder, a lawyer by profession.

“The teacher tasked the students with preparing teaching material to teach the class. They had the option of using PowerPoint slides, videos or posters.

“Jayden was very intrigued by this method, as he had not done it before. He put in all his effort and prepared slides to ‘teach’ his teacher and friends.

“Due to his preparation, he understood the topic better, and he conducted the class in Teacher Irene’s style!”

Irene said she enjoys being a scholar for a day, whenever she does a flip class.

“It also helps me to gauge the scholars’ comprehension of the lessons, and how I can help them improve.”

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