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Fun activities help Haresha concentrate on studies

Fun activities help Haresha concentrate on studies

It was meant to be a surprise but Haresha Kaur knew what was coming.

The Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) Student of the Month for May had a feeling she had won the award as the “teachers were behaving suspiciously”.

“One of the coaches asked me to pose for a picture and when I asked what it was for, she told me she was taking photographs of all the students,” Haresha said with a laugh.

“I thought it was kind of suspicious she wanted me to pose for a picture so close to the date of the award.”

She said she is happy to be named student of the month because she enjoys studying at GOTS as it challenges her to be a better person.

She added it took a while to adapt as the way lessons are taught at GOTS and the way the coaches communicate with the scholars was alien to her.

Unlike traditional schools, in GOTS each lesson incorporates all three learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic – to ensure each scholar gets the most out of each class.

The coaches also believe in communicating and explaining what a child does wrong and setting them on the right path.

“At GOTS, we believe in nurturing our scholars.

“We want them to learn from their mistakes and be independent thinkers who know what is right and wrong,” said GOTS co-founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“We give them the freedom to grow and to cultivate moral values.”

That is why scholars are taught activities such as anti-bullying programmes, leadership courses and how to manage money, among others.

One person who has seen the benefits of GOTS’ Definitely Different approach is Haresha’s mother Gurvinder Kaur.

“My daughter has improved tremendously because of the coaches and the environment,” said Gurvinder who comes from a teaching background.

“She has become more mature in such a short time.

“She has evolved from someone who didn’t enjoy going to school to one who can’t wait to leave home in the mornings.”

Gurvinder, who learnt about GOTS through Facebook, said lessons such as Funky Munky, SHINE and FinancialSmart have made Haresha more confident.

“In Funky Munky there are classes for speech and drama, dancing (ballet and hip-hop) and Taiko Drums as well as taekwondo.

“Haresha is a person who can’t keep still and these daily activities are dear to her. In fact, she will be singing and practising her dance steps even until bedtime.

“I can’t thank GOTS enough for what they have done for her.”

Contact our education consultants at +6010-2956340 or visit www.gots.edu.my to learn how your child can benefit from our Definitely Different approach.

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