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Fun, interactive Maths Week for GOTS scholars

Fun, interactive Maths Week for GOTS scholars

Fun, interactive Maths Week for GOTS scholars

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School vice-principal Kirijaa Ratanarajah has been working overtime to make this year’s Maths Week memorable.

Kirijaa, who is also the school’s Head of Mathematics, said the tradition of having a week dedicated to the subject was difficult to organise in the past two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, with the scholars now back in the classroom, she and her team of coaches have come up with some exciting plans for the March 21-25 event.

“It is easier to organise with most of the scholars back in the classroom,” said Kirijaa, who has a Masters in Maths Education from Universiti Malaya.

“There are still some who are doing online lessons, but that is a small number.

“We have been doing Maths Week every year as a way for the scholars to appreciate the subject.

“At GOTS International School, it is all about making learning fun and interactive.”

With that in mind, the maths team devised several innovative challenges for the scholars.

Among them are word searches, maths to build shapes, using mental maths to problem-solve, and creating posters from 3D shapes.

“Some of them sound easy, but they are challenging,” said Kirijaa, whose area of expertise is higher-order thinking.

“There are several more ideas that we are fine-tuning, ahead of Maths Week.

“We want everything to be just right ahead of our first Maths Week back in school.”

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