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Gen Y Leadership Workshop, May 25 9am – 1pm

Gen Y Leadership Workshop, May 25 9am – 1pm

Scholars SHINE at GOTS

It is not every day you get an experienced TED Talk personality coaching you but that is just what Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) offers at its primary and secondary schools.

Dr A.J. Minai, who has spoken at over 170 events since 2013, including at several TEDx Talks, is the SHINE coach at GOTS.

SHINE is the first experiential Emotional Intelligence (EQ)-focused training framework in Southeast Asia.

Minai helps the scholars prepare for the workforce by showing them how to socialise and network while staying grounded and humble.

“Much of what we do for SHINE is teaching scholars about leadership and teamwork,” said Minai, who last month was named the Best LinkedIn Influencer at the Malaysia Social Media Week.

“When you join the workforce, you can’t be a loner.

“You must learn how to interact and work with others or your career will flatline.

“Through SHINE, we hope to mould the scholars to be committed to life’s core values that will accelerate their journey towards industry or entrepreneurial success.”

Minai who will be speaking at GOTS’ Gen Y Leadership Workshop on May 25, said group activities, role-play, questions and answers, games, and confidence-building initiatives are all part of SHINE’s training methodology.

During GOTS’ anti-bullying campaign recently, Minai got the scholars to ‘fight’ each other.

He asked them to put tape on their legs. Two scholars then faced off, to capture their opponent’s tape.

But they had to do so in a non-aggressive way.

“It was a game of strategy and patience. The scholars had to win the battle by using their wits and reacting fast,” he explained.

“Playing games can teach the scholars so many elements – from how to convince or influence friends to seeing things their way and how best to work together.”

Minai also said he often asks scholars to solve problems akin to what managers or leaders in an organisation face.

He then guides them on the proper order for each situation.

“We also teach them how to handle criticism and how to critique. It is not about saying, ‘hey you did a lousy job’.

“If someone has let you down, you need to find the right way to let them know. That is what being a leader is about.”

To learn more about GOTS and SHINE log on to www.gots.edu.my

To register for the GEN Y Leadership Workshop – Call: 011 3906 6866 or log on at https://www.gots.edu.my/contact-us/

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