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Getting the Best Out of Scholars

Getting the Best Out of Scholars

Getting the best out of scholars


“The best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book.”

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) coaches, as teachers are called in the international school, follow this mantra religiously.

That is why its out of the box coaching methods have earned plenty of plaudits from parents.

“Coaches play an important role in shaping children’s lives. Everything we do is designed to get the best out of a scholar,” says a proud Veronica Shepherdson, co-founder of GOTS.

One such example is the way lessons are taught.

“Our A+ team has designed lessons which cater to all three quadrants of learning – visual, audio and kinesthetic (VAK).

“Each lesson incorporates something an audio learner, a visual scholar and a kinesthetic pupil can identify with.

“No one is left behind.”

But what is VAK?

Briefly, an auditory learner is someone who benefits from traditional teaching techniques such as a lecture-style forum where a coach passes on information.

A visual learner is a more “show me” person and appreciates to-do lists, assignment logs and written notes.

For a kinesthetic learner, it is about touching, feeling and experiencing the material or lesson.

Visual and kinesthetic learners have plenty in common but there are subtle differences.

“At our most recent training for the coaches, I reiterated how to identify which quadrant a child falls into so they can best coach them.

“When we know how best a child reacts to learning, the lessons will be fun and easier for them.”

Shepherdson adds GOTS has regular sessions with parents to show them how they can help their children learn better.

“If a child is an auditory learner, it doesn’t mean their parents have similar traits.

“A parent could be teaching a child the way best suited for them and not the little one. So our ‘classes’ with parents show them which is the best method.”

These touches are what set apart GOTS coaches.

To learn more about GOTS and our methodology, visit www.gots.edu.my


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