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Glad to be back in school

Glad to be back in school

Glad to be back in school
It has been nearly a month since Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School returned to physical classes, and four of our secondary scholars are already feeling the benefits.Year 11 scholars Nur Eishal Nur Misuari and Harvir Singh Aujle, who will sit for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations later this year, said they felt more energetic in a classroom.

“I am glad that this year we can come back to physical school and get to meet the coaches face-to-face,” said Eishal.

“The coaches are on hand to look over the school work and point out any errors. While online classes were good, I felt I procrastinated a bit too much!

“I have to be more disciplined, and I feel I get more work done quickly.”

Harvir said it was good to be back in school, especially as it is his final year at GOTS International School.

“It is great to be able to hang out with my friends – while maintaining physical distancing, of course – after being cooped up at home for so long,” said Harvir.

“I will not have this experience next year as I will be going off to college or university.

“My wish is that we can have a sports carnival this year and perhaps include events such as futsal or football.

“Most of all, I am glad we can play football once again.”

Year 10 scholar Niveehtha Selvekumeren said seeing her friends motivates her to study harder.

“I feel more energetic in the classroom as I get to see my friends. We try to outdo each other during lessons – in a good way.

“At home, you feel a little lazy as you are sitting in one spot for six to eight hours, all alone.

“I hope we never return to online lessons. We have suffered enough these past two years.”

She added: “This year is crucial as I will sit for the IGCSE examinations next year. Being in school will help me grasp the lessons better.”

Like Harvir, Year 9 scholar Muhammad Samir Awan Mohamed Yasser Awan enjoys outdoor activities.

“The thing I miss most during online lessons was playing sports with my schoolmates.

“I feel I study better after a game of football,” said Samir.

“If we can increase the number of physical education classes, that would be great.

“Sport is an important part of being in school.”

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