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GOTS fuels siblings’ zeal to study

GOTS fuels siblings’ zeal to study

Farah Adibah Abdul Rahman’s two sons couldn’t be any different.

The elder one Mohamad Ashraf Azim Mohamad Hasmizal is easy going and can easily adapt to any situation. Mohamad Ashraf Zarif Mohamad Hasmizal is the opposite and the quieter of the two.

When it came to school, Azim found it easier to study while Zarif couldn’t sit still and didn’t always get the best results.

But all that changed when the brothers joined Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) late last year.

“I didn’t know why my younger son wasn’t interested in the normal type of learning – where he had to sit and listen to the teachers,” said Farah.

“GOTS is different as it uses VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) teaching methods in all lessons. He has responded well and his grades have improved tremendously.

“This could be because he is more of a kinesthetic learner and the previous school’s lessons were not stimulating enough.”

VAK styles assert humans learn through seeing, hearing or doing an activity – visual, auditory and kinesthetic – and that each person has a dominant learning style.

Visual learners need to see pictures, graphs and videos; auditory learners are those who need to hear the information; and kinesthetic learners are those who need to do an activity to understand a concept.

At GOTS, each lesson incorporates all three VAK elements.

Farah said the varied Funky Munky classes – speech and drama, taekwondo, Taiko drums, and hip-hop dancing offered at GOTS –draw both her sons to school.

They are also into FinancialSmart – which teaches them financial literacy – and SHINE, an experiential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) focused training framework.

All these are part of the GOTS curriculum and offered to scholars at no extra cost.

“My children simply don’t want to miss school – even if they are sick,” she said.

“They are happier and enjoy all the lessons – especially the ones which challenge them artistically,” added Farah, who was proud both sons played a big part in the school’s annual concert last year.

Farah said another big plus point for GOTS is that unlike many other international schools, it places equal importance on Bahasa Melayu.

“We are Malaysians after all. So I’m quite happy BM is given equal prominence as English,” she said.

And with IGSCE now allowing students to take BM as one of the papers, it will certainly work in Malaysian students’ favour.

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