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The educational cornerstones of our school’s curriculum are:


Personal Development

Culture & Sports

Environment & Community

At GOTS International School, we focus on the IGCSE Syllabus.

An international curriculum that provides life-empowering skills.

GOTS International School’s approach to education is unique, universal, and second to none. Our academic offerings are constantly evolving to impart knowledge and skills, accentuated by innovative character-strengthening syllabus. The Western education system, known for its progressive approach, is paired with traditional Eastern values.

GOTS International School’s academic offerings feature the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, reinforced with our syllabus focusing on character-building, communication, language mastery, and interpersonal skills.

In addition, there is an emphasis on honing writing skills to produce great writers. Learners are encouraged to learn via experiential learning and self-discovery, instead of rote learning.

Learners who pass through our school will be imbued with the GOTS values, preparing them to be global citizens.

a) International Curriculum

GOTS academic offerings feature the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum, reinforced with our syllabus, that focus on character building (S.H.I.N.E. – Social, Humble, Imaginative, Network, Effective) and life skills.

Name of qualification:
The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Offered by:
The University of Cambridge International Examination

Type of qualification:
Based on individual subjects of study, which means that one receives an “IGCSE” qualification for each subject one takes. 

Description: An English language, learner- centred curriculum offered to students to prepare them for A Level or BTEC Level 3. It is based on the GCE O-Level and is recognised as being equivalent to the GCSE.

Core Areas: Literacy, numeracy and science.

b) Innovative complementary subjects

GOTS International School believes happy children make happy scholars.

The IGCSE curriculum is enhanced by several subjects that are equally innovative in their content, and they way they are delivered.

Programmes such as S.H.I.N.E. – Social, Humble, Imaginative, Network, Effective – FinancialSmart, and Funky Munky are unique and available only at GOTS International School.

They have been specially crafted and developed for our scholars. Due to the importance of these courses in defining a child, GOTS has taken the unprecedented step to add these subjects to the curriculum, making them available to all scholars.

These programmes focus on the skills needed to build on the six quotients of intelligence, emotions, love, money, Information Technology, and big data.

These will equip our students with the skills to become global entrepreneurial leaders. In the short term, the goal is to ensure that each child is eager to attend school.