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GOTS scholars excited to be back in school

GOTS scholars excited to be back in school

GOTS scholars excited to be back in school

In line with the Education Ministry’s directive, Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School reopened its pre-school last Monday.

It was a joyous return for six of the little ones who were glad to be back after five months away.

“Most of the parents have opted to continue with online classes until the end of the year,” said Head of Pre-Primary, Chithra Nair.

“A couple more may return to school later. I do not blame the parents for being cautious. Covid-19 is no joke.

“With the number of new cases falling each day, perhaps more would feel confident about sending their children for physical classes before our graduation next month.”

The six – Muhammad Khalid Rayan Mohamed Seenikatty, Wong Yik Hong, Shrivats Ashwin Sharma, Sahana Ashwin Sharma, Abigail Nihaala Sandhu and Zack Rohan Lim – were visibly happy to set foot on our City of Elmina Campus.

Each had their temperatures taken when they arrived in school, and followed strict standard operating procedures.

After ‘circle time’, they were given 45 minutes to indulge in outdoor play in the school’s playground.

Here is what the little ones had to say about returning to school.

“I enjoyed playing with my friends again.” – Sahana

“Feels good to be back in school.” – Shrivats

“It was fun running around after a long time.” – Yik Hong

“I got to show off my Spider-Man facemask. I wished I could use my full suit!” – Zack

“It is a happy day today.” – Khalid

“I missed my school and everyone very much.”– Abigail

To learn more about GOTS International School (Pre-Primary) call our education consultants at +6011-3906 6866, WhatsApp https://wa.me/601139066866 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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