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GOTS scholars nurtured to be leaders

GOTS scholars nurtured to be leaders

GOTS scholars nurtured to be leaders

Mohd Fakaruzi Che Rus loves how Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) encourages his daughter Nur Eliza to not be a “parrot”.

He says the school’s teaching methodology which unites Eastern philosophy and family values with Western innovation and education helps Nur Eliza be a “leader and not a follower”.

“Some schools don’t give their kids a chance to speak their minds. All you need to succeed in examinations is to ‘parrot’ what the teacher tells you,” said Fakaruzi who works in data management.

“But at GOTS she is allowed to challenge facts and speak her mind. It is not just about book smarts but learning to understand what the lesson is about.”

Fakaruzi said he noticed a visible change in Nur Eliza’s outlook within weeks of enrolling her in GOTS.

“We were actually searching for schools online when we came across GOTS.

“It was right at our doorstep – Elmina, Shah Alam – and coincidentally, one of our friends also told us good things about the school,” said Fakaruzi.

“We visited the school and were impressed by the teaching methodology and how the staff treat the children.

“She was a little shy at first but only within a few weeks, I could see changes in her demeanour and outlook.

“She began asking us questions and telling us more of what she was doing in school. That really impressed my wife and I.”

Fakaruzi added he is extremely excited GOTS provides financial literacy studies via its Financial Smart classes.

He said it is Nur Eliza’s favourite subject and they find it a great life skill to have.

“GOTS is not just about what is in the textbook. The kids are taught life skills and FinancialSmart is one of them,” said Fakaruzi.

“I never learnt that in school and didn’t know how to do proper financial planning until later in life.

“It is great these scholars in GOTS are given a head start in learning about finance as it will be good for them when they start earning money.”

To learn more about GOTS and how your child can benefit from our Definitely Different methodology, call our education consultants at +6010-295 6340 /+6012-268 1293 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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