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GOTS wants to ‘Rock with you’

GOTS wants to ‘Rock with you’

Get ready for a ‘Thriller’ of a performance this Saturday as ‘History’ is made at Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) first concert.

Everyone will surely ‘Remember the Time’ as the scholars are doing a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Principal Gerard Abisheganaden promises a show that is definitely different and expressed his surprise just how well the scholars have taken to the theme.

“For ones so young, they have done a pretty professional job,” says Abisheganaden, himself an accomplished musician.

“We changed our plans for an outdoor concert to an indoor one due to the ‘Bad’ weather we have been experiencing.

“It was then decided to do a tribute to Jackson as he is the King of Pop. Although our scholars are young, all of them have heard of him.

“I am sure their parents will also know his songs by heart.”

The show will begin with a Taiko drum performance which will see the scholars ‘Beat it’ for five minutes. This will be followed by six Jackson songs.

‘You are not alone’ in thinking the concert will make that ‘One day in your life’ just a little bit extra special.

“The teachers have been working extra hard with the scholars. They have brought them up a level and it shows even during rehearsals,” says an excited Abisheganaden.

“The parents are going to be pleasantly surprised on Saturday.

“The coaches and I were certainly astounded how quickly the scholars took to the music and performance.”

Abisheganaden adds the costumes will mostly be ‘Black or white’ and that the ‘Man in the mirror’ will surely approve.

Music can ‘Heal the world’ and the audience will surely ‘Wanna be starting somethin’ from the opening number.

After watching their children perform, the parents will surely tell them ‘You rock my world’.

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