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GOTS Year-End Camp

GOTS Year-End Camp

GOTS year-end camp brings families together

Global Oak Tree Scholars’ recent inaugural year-end camp was a huge success.

The camp on Nov 29 and 30 was aimed at fostering a better relationship among coaches, parents and scholars.

Several parents said they gained valuable insights after attending the camp.

They even suggested the camp be held at least twice a year as it gave them an idea of how GOTS is revolutionising their children’s education.

Among the activities parents took part in were preparing a lesson plan, writing poems and a group dance session with their children and coaches.

Kyaw Zin Kyaw, whose son Myo Sett Kyaw, was recently named best Year 2 Student and 2018 Outstanding Academic Performance award winner said: “The camp was nice and heartwarming and it also gave me an idea of how they teach the children at GOTS.”

“The school is still new and will be expanding and I cannot wait to attend the next camp,” he said, adding that his son started at GOTS in the middle of this year but the change in him has been phenomenal.

Bibi Misbah, whose two children – Noah Elias Ammar and Aini Sakinah Ammar – joined the school in August after living in Japan for three years, said she was pleasantly surprised by the camp.

“We did some exercises during the camp to better understand the teaching methodology and it was really interesting.

“It got emotional towards the end with parents hugging the coaches and thanking them for taking good care of our children,” she said. She hopes the school will organize more camps.

Bibi said a friend recommended GOTS to her family and they have no regrets.

“We were attracted by the small close-knit school (maximum of 15 children per class) and the fact the teachers are trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming),” said Bibi.

Parents Kelly Thomas and Y.K. Lim whose children were the pioneer batch of scholars at GOTS reacted positively to the camp.

Lim said the camp has improved his relationship with his children Tristan and Charmaine.

“This camp has made me understand my children a bit better and GOTS has been good for their development.

“They just love coming to school. Tristan was crying, saying he will miss school during the one-month holiday,” Lim said.

Thomas said her daughters Cathryn Ann Dewa Balan and Kesthryl Joan Dewa Balan are benefiting from GOTS.

She said Cathryn had trouble adapting in her previous school and was struggling but did not have any problems at GOTS.

“She used to dread going to school but since coming to GOTS, her grades have picked up and she is enjoying herself once again.

“I have to argue with her when she is sick as she still wants to go to school – which is so not normal,” Thomas said with a laugh.

She also said her daughters really enjoy attending school as GOTS makes learning fun, adding that her mother who is a teacher was also impressed with GOTS’ teaching methodology.

“There are times they come home and sing to us and when we listen carefully, there are lessons in the songs.

“Making learning fun is one of GOTS’ hallmarks and I really am happy with the progress made by my two children. I cannot recommend the school highly enough.”

To learn more about GOTS, visit www.gots.edu.my

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