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Graduating scholars share best memories of time at GOTS

Graduating scholars share best memories of time at GOTS

Graduating scholars share best memories of time at GOTS

As we wind down the school year, Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School pre-schoolers held a tea party ahead of their graduation at the end of the month.

Graduation for the pre-school and Year 6 scholars this year will once again, be a virtual affair. The tea party was a chance for the little ones to have some fun before saying their goodbyes.

The get-together also gave the scholars the opportunity to share their memories of GOTS International School, some of which will make their way into the virtual graduation ceremony video.

“We wanted an informal, fun gathering and to ask them about their time with us,” said GOTS International School’s Head of Pre-Primary, Chithra Nair.

“Kids do say the darndest things, and we wanted to capture their candid moments.

“We got some unexpected answers and I am sure the parents will have a good laugh when they watch the video.”

Pre-school coach, Puteri Nur Davina Megat Muzaffar Shah, went from table to table to record the scholars’ answers to questions posed by coach Marissa Juanita Hendroff

Separately, there was a photoshoot for the pre-school and Year 6 scholars, as part of their preparation for graduation.

It was a bittersweet moment for the senior scholars as they would be moving from the City of Elmina Campus to the secondary campus in Plaza Jelutong.

“It is sad to leave Elmina. I will miss the teachers. But I am also excited to be starting a new adventure,” said Charmaine Lim.

Another Year 6 scholar, Wan Azureen Wan Abdullah, agreed with Charmaine.

“I am both happy and sad. The Elmina campus means so much to me. But this is part of growing up.”

Here are some behind-the-scenes photographs of the scholars preparing for the virtual graduation ceremony.

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