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Happiness Through Dance

Happiness Through Dance

She is the big sister of Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS).

Meet Nicole Ann Beins, the hip-hop coach who has injected rhythm into the scholars of the international school at Elmina East in Shah Alam.

The 22-year-old has been GOTS’ hip-hop coach since it opened its doors in January and she is enjoying every minute of it.

“I would like to thank the school’s founder (Veronica Shepherdson) for giving me the opportunity to teach the children hip-hop dance,” says Beins.

“The children have been great. They are fast learners and we have been through a lot in the past 11 months.”

Beins says finding songs which appeal to the scholars was not easy as everyone has their own musical taste, even the younger ones.

A testament to their commitment is the fact the scholars have even learnt to choreograph their own moves which Beins incorporates into their weekly lessons.

“After a few months of coaching them, I suggested they try creating their own moves,” she explains.

“They liked the idea and came up with some good steps. I then incorporate their moves when I choreograph a dance.

“It really encourages and motivates them when they see their moves in a dance.”

Beins says dancing is a great way for the scholars to exercise and to keep their brains active.

“Dancing can help your memory as you need to remember the steps. It also makes you more coordinated and helps you to count.”

Although Beins has been with GOTS since the beginning and has choreographed many dances, she admits that the recent year-end concert was her biggest challenge.

“The concert was themed ‘Michael Jackson Goes To GOTS’ and I watched some of his old videos to get ideas.

“Michael has always been one of my favourite artists. The children knew his songs, so it helped.

“I was as nervous as the children before the concert but in the end, I think everyone enjoyed the performances.”

Beins says she tries to share her philosophy in life with the scholars via her dance moves.

“I’m a positive person. I believe life is about perspective. We can choose to look at life as a glass half empty or half full.

“We cannot control what happens to us but we can control how we react.

“So, I tell them to always be positive. When you dance, you always feel happy.”

To learn more about GOTS, log on to www.gots.edu.my

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