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Help your child learn better with VAK

Help your child learn better with VAK

Have you ever wondered why some children struggle in school?

It could be because their learning style is different from how they are being taught and it takes them longer to understand a lesson.

Did you know there are three types of learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic (VAK)?

According to VAK, humans learn through seeing, hearing or doing an activity – visual, auditory and kinesthetic – and that each person has a dominant learning style.

In simple terms, visual learners need to see pictures, graphs and videos, auditory learners are those who need to hear the information while kinesthetic learners are those who need to do an activity to understand a concept.

In recent times, researchers have been against being too dependent on VAK, saying it is hard to pin down how a person will learn in the long run.

The researchers also point out a person’s dominant learning style can change over time or they could also have a combination of dominant styles.

As such, while it is good to know a child’s ‘dominant’ learning style, we should also expose them to other methods of learning.

That is why Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS), an international school in Shah Alam, has devised its lesson plans to include all three learning spectrums.

By catering to all three, it can make sure no scholar falls behind.

GOTS graduates also wouldn’t have trouble adapting when going to institutions of higher learning or when they join the workforce as they have already been exposed to different learning techniques.

In June this year, GOTS organised its first VAK & Edu Games Workshop cum Open Day and it was a great success.

Many of the families who attended were surprised to learn about the different learning styles as they were not part of GOTS.

GOTS will organise the second such event on Sept 21 at its secondary campus to explain and educate parents why it is important to know your child’s learning style to maximise their educational experience.

To be part of this exciting event, sign up at http://bit.ly/VAKWorkshop or call +6010-295 6340 or +6012-268 1293

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