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Hip-Hip Dance Workshop

Hip-Hip Dance Workshop

GOTS’ best hip-hop dancers steal the show

It was a fun-filled Friday as Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International Coach’s ballet instructor and hip-hop dance coach Latisha Shepherdson conducted a Hip-hop Dance Workshop on June 11.

The highlight was a competition for the best-dressed participants and we have four winners – two each for primary and secondary.

Besides the Hip-hop Dance Workshop, GOTS International School also organised a Science Workshop and four competitions – Talentime (primary and secondary), Catwalk Competition (pre-school), Father and Child Look-Alike Contest, and a Hoodie Design Competition (Years 4-9).

The winners in the best dressed (primary category) were Ana Safeeya Syahrul Hizan (Year 2), and Jeremiah John Lopez (Year 3).

For secondary, the winners were Cathryn Ann Dewa Balan, and the Reuban family – Rushaan, Riyaa and Rushill, and their parents Reuban Suresh Devadass and Raynu Reuban.

Ana Safeeya had the support of her younger sister, Ara Saleeha, who joined her in the workshop.

“It was a fun activity. We loved that the family were invited to join the class,” said their mother, Dr Afida Sohana Awang Soh.

“The girls got a little lost in the middle as the song was too fast. It was not something they knew, but it was still fun.”

Jeremiah said: “I feel great to have participated in the dance workshop. I am so happy, it was so much fun.”

Cathryn was more excited about learning new stuff during the school break.

“I really enjoyed all the activities over the holidays,” she said.

“My favourite was the Dance Workshop, as it was fun and interesting to learn some new steps!”

Reuben Suresh said the activities kept the children occupied during the month-long term break.

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