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Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities

School holiday activities perfect way to connect with kids, coaches

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School organised several competitions and workshops during the recent month-long term break.

Four competitions saw the GOTS International School ‘family’ vote for their favourites – Talentime (primary and secondary), Catwalk Competition (pre-school), Father and Child Look-Alike Contest, and the Hoodie Design Competition.

A Science Workshop and a Hip-hop Dance Workshop-cum Best Dressed competition were also held.

Parent Shirley Roger said the activities kept her children – Jeremiah John and Genesis Faustina Lopez – occupied.

“I feel the activities are a fun way to promote the school. Also, I like the idea of having to vote for the winners as it meant getting other family members involved,” said Roger of the voting process that was opened to the public.

“The school should hold more of such competitions.

“My kids had fun with the activities, especially the dance workshop. They also looked forward to seeing the outcome of the voting process.”

Kelly Thomas said her two eldest children, Cathryn Ann and Kesthryl Joan Dewa Balan, loved the competitive spirit of the competitions, while her youngest – Gabriel Louis – had fun dancing.

“Cathryn and Kesthryl took the hoodie competition very seriously. I think they did up to 10 drafts each before submitting the final one,” said Thomas.

“Having so many activities kept them engaged the entire month. Also, it made it easy for parents like myself who had to work at home.

“I knew that while I was doing my work, my children were busy with the competitions.

“It helped us to connect, too, as we had to help out in some of the activities. So, not only did we have fun with our children, we also had a chance to interact with the coaches from the school.”

N. Vashala Jashani agreed with Thomas and Roger.

“My daughter (Oviya Sargunan) enjoyed the Science Workshop the most,” she said.

“I would like to convey our thanks to all the teachers who guided the kids during the Science Workshop. They did many experiments and learnt so many new things.”

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