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She’s no mad scientist, but Niveehtha Selvekumeren is head over heels in love with the science laboratories at Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) secondary campus in Bukit Jelutong.

“There was no science lab in my previous school and I was surprised there’s not one but two science labs in GOTS,” said the Year 8 scholar, who enrolled in GOTS in January.

“I enjoy my time in the lab as we have so much fun.

“There are so many activities in GOTS that time just flies by.”

She added she also enjoys spending time in the computer labs as she didn’t have a chance to learn about information and communications technology (ICT) in her previous school.

“These are two of my favourite subjects. It is great to have such wonderful facilities for scholars.”

Jayden Ng Kyler, who also joined GOTS at the beginning of the year, is enjoying the music classes which explore the history behind the music.

“Our coach (Nasirah Nur Ibrahim) is not just teaching us about music but also the accompanying stories and history.

“Did you know musical instruments were seen as part of pagan rituals during medieval times? They were banned by the church because of that,” said Ng, who loves playing the piano and drums.

“It is fascinating learning the back story of music as I was never taught these things before.”

Ng said another big attraction in GOTS is that scholars are given time to learn at their own pace.

“We have more time to do our work as everything is well organised.

“During the MCO (Movement Control Order) there were changes to the timetable (due to e-learning) but our learning continued and we didn’t miss a thing,” said Ng, who added he is still adjusting to the new normal of the Covid-19 era now that he is back in school.

“We have to adjust to the environment and conditions such as wearing face shields, washing hands more frequently and using hand sanitiser.

Separately, Mohamad Ashraf Azim Mohamad Hasmizal, who graduated to GOTS secondary from primary after finishing Year 6 last year, said the ‘homely’ feel is a big plus.

“We don’t have many students in each class despite this being a huge campus.

“This means we get more attention from the coaches,” said Ashraf, who joined GOTS in 2018.

“The family-like atmosphere means there is no racism or bullying here as everyone is very close.

“That is a big plus point for anyone coming in.”

Ashraf, who enjoys ICT, added GOTS’ biggest plus factor is the coaches, who have a special ability to communicate and connect with the students.

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