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Influencing young minds through speech

Influencing young minds through speech

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) coach Dr A.J. Minai wasn’t always the outgoing influencer he is today.

However, he always had the “gift of the gab” and he capitalised on this to become a much sought after speaker and has twice presented on the TEDx stage besides at 180 other events since 2013.

“When I was younger, I didn’t know what I wanted in life but I could always talk the ears off my friends.

“Some of them joked that I should be a salesman when I grow up.

“In fact, my first job was in sales,” said Minai, who has worked with brands such as Google, Allianz, Legrand, MarcusEvans and Tune Group in the past 12 years.

“I wasn’t outgoing but learnt that I was a good storyteller and that’s how I built my brand.”

Minai, who is now a coach at GOTS, is helping to shape future leaders through the international school’s SHINE programme — the first experiential Emotional Intelligence focused training in Southeast Asia.

SHINE is part of the GOTS curriculum and it helps scholars to be sociable, humble and imaginative as well as learn how to network effectively.

“The SHINE programme helps scholars to be effective communicators and it builds their confidence.

“It also teaches them about teamwork which is important when they start working.”

Minai is now going a step further by hosting the ‘Junior TEDx Speaker Workshop’ on July 20 at GOTS’ secondary school in Plaza Jelutong.

Open to children aged 8 to 14, the workshop will see Minai teach participants what it takes to be a TEDx speaker.

“The workshop will be divided into several parts, one of which will see participants presenting their ‘talks’ in a TEDx-type ambience.

“We will help prepare them for their presentation and work on their communication skills.”

The workshop will help children increase self-esteem and confidence, understand the importance of feedback and criticism, and build friendship and networking skills.

To register for the TEDx workshop, sign up at http://bit.ly/TEDxWorkshop or call +6010-2956340

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