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Internet safety grabs scholars’ attention

Internet safety grabs scholars’ attention

Internet safety grabs scholars’ attention

Being aware of whom you meet and talk to online is important for adults and children alike.

That is especially so for younger children who may give away important information to strangers without realising it.

As such, Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School recently conducted three workshops on safely navigating the World Wide Web for its secondary and primary children.

Kelly Thomas, ABB’s Digital Operation Centre Manager, Robotics and Discrete Automation, was the guest speaker for the secondary workshop on Aug 23, entitled ‘What You Need To Know About Social Media’.

Among others, she shared tips on how to avoid catfishing, or identity theft.

“People do not realise how easy it is for their identities to be stolen,” said Thomas.

“Hackers only need a few key pieces of information, and they would be able to ‘clone’ you and empty your bank account, or take loans in your name.

“With anything on the internet, if it is too good to be true, then you have to be cautious. It is always better to be safe than sorry.”

She added it’s best to have private settings, or to limit what others can see on your personal social media accounts.

GOTS International School coach Nicole Kylie Ng presented ‘Online Friends’ to those in Years 1-3 on Sept 2, and Years 4-6 on Sept 3.

Among the lessons was to ‘THINK’ before sharing anything online – is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary or Kind, and how to look out for red flags.

“If someone you have just met asks too many personal questions and requests for pictures, that is a red flag,” Ng told the scholars.


“That’s when they must be SMART – be ‘Safe’ by never giving out personal information.

“Do not ‘Meet’ strangers unless a parent or guardian says it is all right, and that they will be present.

“Never ‘Accept’ or open emails from strangers, as they may contain viruses.

“Not everything is ‘Reliable’. Always check your facts.

“Most importantly, ‘Tell’ someone if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable.”

Ng was pleasantly surprised that the scholars knew what they could or could not share online, and hoped the workshop would deepen their knowledge about internet safety.

GOTS International School co-founder Dr Veronica Shepherdson said staying vigilant is key.

“Keeping up to date with children in this new age of the internet is tricky,” said Dr Shepherdson.

“The workshops were to help children identify unsuitable material, and to explain to them that not all information on the internet can be trusted.

“It was also to teach practical internet safety precautions to protect them from potentially harmful or inappropriate content and activities.”

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