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Join GOTS Today

Join GOTS Today

In case you haven’t heard, Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) special promotion for new enrolment is the talk of the town.

Launched recently in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, GOTS is now offering zero security deposit. If you sign up immediately, you don’t have to pay school fees for the first two months, plus the lock-in fee is only RM1,500.

These attractive discounts are for a limited time only so don’t delay.

Co-founder Veronica Shepherdson said: “We hope this special offer will encourage more parents to sign up with us.

“We believe in what we are doing and want to spread our teaching methods to as many people as possible.

“All the parents whose children are enrolled here are happy with how much progress their children have made. GOTS is the place to be.”

To learn how your child can benefit from our Definitely Different curriculum and unique teaching methodology, call our education consultants at +6011-3906 6866, WhatsApp https://wa.me/601139066866 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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