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Latisha Shepherdson

Latisha Shepherdson




Latisha living her dream as ballet coach

Global Oak Tree Scholars International School ballet coach Latisha Shepherdson is blending in well despite being the new kid on the block.

Besides her love for dance, she also loves working with young children.

Being offered a position at GOTS International School was a dream come true for her.

“I adore children and seeing the young ones having fun through dance is an absolute joy, said Latisha who coaches ballet and hip-hop for the pre-primary,” primary and secondary scholars.

“The pre-schoolers can be so energetic and excitable at times. It really is a joy to be around them.”

She said the pre-schoolers at GOTS International School are also able to take instructions well and some are already exhibiting traits of being good dancers.

Latisha said she has learnt a lot in her three months with GOTS International School.

“It has gone better than I expected. I have good support from the other coaches, especially from the pre-primary staff,” said Latisha.

Latisha said the biggest challenge was convincing some of the teenagers to join the hip-hop class.

“They are at that age where they might be too shy or might find it ‘uncool’ to be dancing. But that is all right. We never force anyone to do anything they do not want to.

“The classes go ahead with those who want to learn hip-hop while others join the Literature, Drama and Debating Society (LDDS).”

The benefits of ballet and hip-hop include helping children to be agile and develop strong muscles, and have better coordination and balance.

Studies have shown bad posture among children who study ballet is unheard of.

Dancing can also help children become more outgoing because it teaches them to express feelings as it is not just about the moves.

Ballet and hip-hop are offered as part of GOTS International School’s curriculum for pre-primary, primary and secondary under its Funky Tots, Funky Munky and Chill Out programmes.

These programmes are a creative and innovative approach to the implementation of extra-curricular activities which are usually held halfway through the school day to break the monotony of study.

Besides ballet, hip-hop and LDDS, the other classes offered are Taiko drums, speech and drama and taekwondo.

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