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Learning Style

Learning Style

Getting it right from the start

Not many realise each child has his or her own dominant learning style.

Most of us teach our child the way we are comfortable and this may not help them.

We learn from one of three ways – visually, auditory and kinesthetically – and children don’t inherit their parents’ learning method.

Sixty-five per cent of the population are visual learners, 30 per cent learn by listening and the remaining five per cent absorb lessons better by feeling and doing an activity.

While a parent may be a visual learner, their child could be one who needs to listen to instructions to grasp a lesson.

Unlike traditional schools, Global Oak Tree Scholars’ (GOTS) lesson plans cater to all three learning styles.

This is something which caught the eye of several parents as they have seen tremendous improvement in their children.

“I wasn’t sure about it (VAK method) at first but I can really see the difference in Tristan (Lim),” said Emily Leng, whose daughter Charmaine and son Reagan also study in GOTS.

“Tristan has come out of his shell as he has learnt to express himself better. The coaches seem to understand him better and this makes it easier for them to communicate.”

Charmaine is also excelling and was named GOTS’ first Student of the Month in April while Reagan, the youngest of the siblings, joined GOTS’ pre-primary earlier this year.

Kelly Thomas is another parent who has seen growth in her three children – Cathryn Ann Dewa Balan, Kesthryl Joan Dewa Balan and Gabriel Louis Dewa Balan.

“Cathryn was having a tough time in her previous school. She didn’t enjoy going to school but it is different at GOTS as she can’t wait to get up in the mornings.

“Her results have improved by leaps and bounds and that was  why we decided to send our youngest child to GOTS for its pre-primary class.”

Catherina Maria Soosa did plenty of research before deciding on GOTS for her daughter Gayanthika Maniselvan.

One of the things which attracted her to GOTS was the VAK method.

“I’m actually afraid to teach her at times in case I do it wrong but I have spoken to the coaches and they have given me some pointers,” she said.

“VAK is a really amazing way of teaching as my daughter seems to understand her lessons better.”

Another parent Harjinder Singh Sandhu said thanks to GOTS’ visual, audio and kinesthetic teaching style, his son Jayden Nishaan has been able to turn abstract ideas into tangible matters.

“He once felt the tiles at the pool with his hands and asked me if they were made of granite or sandstone. And he is only six!”

“He definitely did not learn to think like this from me.”

Children’s preferred learning method can change as they grow older but GOTS scholars wouldn’t have trouble adapting as they are exposed to all three styles.

Learn how you and your child can benefit from VAK.

Join our VAK & Edu Games workshop on June 29, 2019.

To register, log on to http://bit.ly/VAKWorkshop or call 010-295 6340

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