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Life’s good without homework

Life’s good without homework

Global Oak Tree Scholar (GOTS) is definitely different because our students do not have any homework.

An hour is set aside at the end of each school day to help the scholars finish any pending work so that when they go home, they do not have to worry about school.

In fact, scholars are encouraged to leave their books in school except before their examinations.

“Homework” consists of scholars discussing with their parents what they did in school or for scholars to read books to their parents.

Parents, too, have “homework” as they would be required to spend time reading to their children as well.

“It is all about finding the right balance between studies and being a child,” says GOTS founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“Children need time to be themselves. They need time to have fun and play.

“That does not mean we allow them to take it easy in school. We make sure they do what is needed to earn good grades and also how to adapt to the ever-changing world.”

Another reason why there is no homework for scholars is because they spend nearly 40 hours a week at GOTS, the equivalent of a normal work week for adults.

Just as an adult does not like to bring work home, it is the same for the scholars.

Other reasons why not having homework is good include:

* Assignments may require long periods of sitting and encourage a sedentary lifestyle.

* It takes time away from creative learning such as playing an instrument, painting or developing photography skills.

* Too much homework could see parents ‘help’ their children finish it, thus eliminating the reason for the work in the first place.

* Some students may use the Internet – which they may not have access to in school – to find answers. And this will not help them when they have to sit for an exam.

* It would seem like a chore to children and paint a negative picture about that subject or even the teacher.

To learn more about GOTS, log on to www.gots.edu.my

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