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Merdeka Memory

Merdeka Memory

My best Merdeka memory …

Malaysia celebrates Hari Merdeka on Monday. Several members of the Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) family recount their favourite memories of the day.

From grandmother’s tales to appreciating the fight for independence to songs, and parades, here are some Merdeka moments that have made a lasting impression on our quartet.

Pre-primary head Chithra Nair: Spending time with my family, remembering what the day really means. How special it is for the nation to be independent and what it went through to gain that independence.

Sales executive Andrew Lai: My best memories are from high school. We used to have big celebrations where my friends of all races gathered to sing patriotic songs. It was generally a fun day where all of us were united as one.

Pre-primary coach Pushpa Devi Subramanian: Listening to my grandmother’s stories of how harsh life was before Merdeka. She would explain how things have changed and how blessed we are now. I didn’t appreciate those stories when I was younger, but now I have a strong understanding of what it meant.

GOTS ambassador Sharifah Liyana Syed Mahadi: The best Merdeka moments were watching the parade in the morning that pays tribute to the country’s heroes. And I love the fireworks at night. Really spectacular.

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