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Naomi blossoms into a beautiful butterfly at GOTS

Naomi blossoms into a beautiful butterfly at GOTS

“Like a caterpillar that turned into a beautiful butterfly thanks to the nurturing nature of Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS)”.

That was how Carol Angel and Murphy Clement described their daughter Naomi Shalom Murphy’s journey at the international school in City of Elmina in Shah Alam.

They were not happy with Naomi’s previous school as they felt it was not an encouraging place and had negative vibes.

The pessimism and uncaring atmosphere made it hard for Naomi to cope, which was why they looked for a new school.

“It was hard seeing her suffer as some of her former teachers didn’t understand her and were unsympathetic at times.

“We were really at our wits’ end and prayed GOTS would be different,” said Carol about Naomi who is a Year 5 scholar at GOTS primary.

“Little did we realise just how much of a change it would be as Naomi has blossomed under the guidance of the school’s co-founder (Veronica Shepherdson) and all the coaches.

“It is such a joy to see her looking forward to going to school each day.”

She said GOTS’ values of going the extra mile, staying positive, being fair to all, being respectful, learning to collaborate, treating staff like family, being great, showing unconditional love, having integrity, exhibiting grit and growth were just what Naomi needed.

“Any school can provide excellent academic education but to lift a child from a chrysalis stage to the moment they can turn into a beautiful butterfly and spread their wings, takes a lot of effort, love and passion.

“That is what GOTS has done for our child. Passion will never stop until it reaches its goal and we know GOTS is populated by passionate people,” said Carol.

“It truly is a wonderful place. Naomi has discovered her own path of talent and areas of development that she can excel in.”

Murphy too said he noticed the change in Naomi just a few months after she enrolled in GOTS late last year.

“I see how much happier she is. Although I travel a lot due to my job, I make it a point to try to come back for the special occasions at GOTS as I know it means the world to her,” said Murphy.

“I was at the year-end camp at GOTS last year and we had so much fun. We actually got to perform a special dance then!

“That is a wonderful memory.”

Murphy and Carol were also at the recent Sports Carnival and enjoyed the bonding session as they had to compete in some of the games with Naomi.

To learn more about GOTS pre-primary and our Definitely Different methodology, contact our education consultants at +6010-2956340 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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