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New! Online Classes 2021

New! Online Classes 2021

New online classes at GOTS next year

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School is opening its doors to more students with the introduction of its online classes.

Open for new Year 2 to Year 9 students, the online classes are perfect for parents who are afraid to send their children to school due to Covid-19.

It is also to cater to those whose incomes have been affected by the pandemic.

“We understand some parents are reluctant to send their children to school even though a vaccine for Covid-19 has been created,” said GOTS International School co-founder Veronica Shepherdson.

“Instead of losing out on education when physical classes resume, we have designed this special online programme for them.

“We will offer six compulsory subjects – English, Maths, Science, Geography, History and Bahasa Melayu – with classes from 8.15am until 1pm.”

For Year 2 scholars, History will be replaced by Phonics.

She said many people have had their income severely affected by Covid-19.

Some have to cut back on expenses. This is why GOTS International School’s online programme is perfect for them.

“We will continue providing quality education but at a lower cost as the online programme is purely academic-driven,” she said.

To make it affordable, parents pay a monthly fee of only RM1,080 for 10 months.

There are no charges during the school’s term breaks in June and December.

“Intake for the online programme has opened and continues until the end of August 2021.

“Our online programme is interactive instead of one-way communication where only the coaches speak.

“The lessons are similar to our normal classes and we assure parents it’s Definitely Different. We hope this online programme can attract new scholars from all over Malaysia.”

If you wish to register or enquire about our online classes, call us at +6011-3906 6866, WhatsApp https://wa.me/601139066866 or visit www.gots.edu.my

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