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New Rules

New Rules

Adapting to new rules at GOTS

Under normal circumstances, there would be group hugs, but we are not living in normal times.

Covid-19 has affected everyone and how we go about our daily lives.

At Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS), we have adapted to the new norms and follow strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the safety of everyone in the school.

One such example was at our Merdeka celebration last month, with co-founder Veronica Shepherdson beaming with pride over the performances.

However, she could only do a ‘physical distance’ hug with the scholars.

“How we show affection and love has changed,” said Shepherdson.

“I used to have group hugs, but now I can only do so from a distance.

“It’s not the same, but we have to follow the rules. What is important is the students know we still love and treat them as before.”

She said GOTS would resume its sporting and other curricular activities on Sept 21, even though the government had announced on Aug 18 it could resume on Sept 1.

“We delayed it because the full SOPs were only released on Sept 1. As such, we wanted to have a look at them before resuming our activities,” said Shepherdson.

“We have a short break (Sept 14-18) and will resume classes on Monday, Sept 21. These activities will resume then.

“Our scholars, especially the secondary ones, are all itching to resume their sporting activities.”

Shepherdson said although there is an easing of restrictions, the school would remain vigilant.

Towards that end, she has regular meetings with her coaches to ensure SOPs are adhered to.

“We have to be on our guard as there is still no vaccine. It is always better to be safe than sorry.”

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