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Nicole Ann Beins

Nicole Ann Beins

Nicole Ann Beins is a familiar face at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) having been the hip-hop dance coach since the international school opened last year.

But the double degree holder – in business and communication – is now enjoying combining both her loves in one place by also coaching English to the upper primary scholars.

“I was previously teaching Cambridge English For Life while studying. After completing my degrees in November, I was unsure of what to do,” said Beins, who confessed to having ‘two faces’ at GOTS.

“It so happened there was an opening for an English coach in GOTS and the co-founder (Veronica Shepherdson) asked if I would be interested.

“I didn’t hesitate to take up the offer but knew I would have to be ‘two-faced’ – by separating my dancing and English coach personas.”

Beins said she doesn’t allow any discussion about dancing in the English classroom and the scholars respect her decision.

“I can be playful during dance class but I have to be strict when I teach English,” said Beins.

“It’s not that we don’t have fun with the language. I just feel there is a need to separate the two parts of myself.”

Beins said she always found English an interesting subject as it’s a complex language with many rules. She gets a big thrill when expressing herself with the right words.

“I’m thankful GOTS is allowing me to combine my two loves – dancing and English – in one place.

“It really is a school which encourages not just the scholars but the coaches as well to grow.

“At GOTS, we identify every individual’s unique talents and nurture them into leaders of tomorrow.”

While she doesn’t mix dancing in her English class, Beins is open to incorporating English lessons in her dance class.

“I didn’t think about this earlier but it would be a fun way to incorporate English lessons,” said Beins, who choreographed the dance steps at the last two GOTS concerts.

“I see myself doing this (double duty) for a long time as I really, really enjoy working in GOTS.”

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