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Nicole Ng

Nicole Ng

Never be afraid to go for your dreams

It was supposed to be a short break but it has turned out to be a near one-year stay in Malaysia for Nicole Ng.

The English and English Literature coach at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School, recently earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation (Management) from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

She returned to Malaysia to visit her parents early this year but was unable to go back to Australia when the borders closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not one to mope, Ng soon got a job at GOTS where her mentor, Gerard Abisheganaden, is the Head of Academics.

Ng, who was one of six chosen globally early last year for the International Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA) scholarship, is now moulding the leaders of tomorrow.

One piece of advice the high achiever always passes on to her charges is “never be afraid to try something new”.

She walks the talk too. Last month, Ng took part in her first acting festival and won the Best Actress award.

“I never thought I could act. It was something I never imagined doing,” said Ng, who only had six weeks to rehearse for the play titled ‘Stay’.

“I did some school plays and that was it but never anything on this scale.

“I was contacted by the musical director on Facebook. He saw videos of me singing and asked me if I wanted to act in his play.

“I was hesitant at first as it was a big event – KLPAC’s Short and Sweet Festival. Other productions had months to prepare. We only had six weeks.

“I took up the challenge and not only did I win ‘Best Actress,’ the play won the ‘Audience Choice’ award.”

She said she is glad the hard work she put in paid off and this is something she imparts to the GOTS scholars.

“I tell them to go for their dreams and not let fear hold them back,” said Ng.

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