Educational Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy

GOTS International School is founded on the principles of “Character” and “Thoughts”.

We instil in our scholars the importance of noble character and positive thinking when confronting challenges and uncertainties. We:

– Emphasise the holistic development of scholars.

– Provide experiential learning opportunities and personalised education.

– Establish a learning environment that is “Definitely Different”.

Our unique learning environment, built on six guiding principles, nurtures academic abilities and stimulates the development of creative thinking, critical analysis, and social skills.

1. Happy School

We create a positive, supportive, and joyful learning atmosphere, ensuring that every scholar steps onto campus each day with anticipation and excitement.

In this vibrant and caring environment, coaches and scholars greet each visitor with cheerful expressions and warm gestures. We work to ensure that every corner of the school radiates happiness, allowing scholars to feel confident, proud, and have a strong sense of belonging.

2.Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

All our coaches receive ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’(NLP) for academics training from American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) Certified Coach and GOTS International School co-founder, Dr Veronica Shepherdson.

NLP coaching is a highly regarded approach. It helps students learn more efficiently and retain information and skills for longer. It integrates numerous intelligence methodologies and focuses on language and behavioural patterns.

By integrating the understanding and application of different intelligence types, this approach aids academic achievements and the holistic development of scholars across various fields.


Entrepreneurs change and impact the lives of millions and also shape society as a whole. Their innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit drive economic and social progress.

For instance, Jack Ma’s Alibaba has revolutionised shopping and global trade, creating new business opportunities.

Their influence extends beyond the economy, affecting social structures and cultures and bringing opportunities and hope to more people.

At GOTS International School, we actively cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking in our scholars, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth.

4.Guided Homework

Scholars should spend more meaningful and high-quality time with their families. Under our guided homework programme, school coaches will help scholars tackle all academic problems and challenges for an hour before school ends.

In addition to reducing family stress, this enables kids to make the most of their valuable time with their families outside of school.

5.Compulsory Mandarin Class

As one of the most spoken languages in the world, Mandarin holds significant importance in international communication. In our school, Mandarin is a compulsory subject in the curriculum.

We firmly believe that through engaging and practical teaching methods, we can help scholars master Mandarin language skills and cultural understanding, broadening their horizons, enhancing their communication abilities, and laying a solid foundation for their future development.

6.Singapore Math

Singapore Math has become an internationally acclaimed approach, focusing on developing scholars’ mathematical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

This approach to teaching mathematics is well-known for being systematic and practical. It involves a lot of practice and an organised course design, which helps students continuously solidify their mathematical knowledge, hone their problem-solving abilities, and enhance their learning outcomes.

We also actively instil values and virtues such as Gratefulness, Respect, Integrity, and Teachable to cultivate scholars’ qualities and inner strength to become respected, outstanding individuals.

Simultaneously, we uphold the philosophy of a good education system, a high-quality curriculum, excellent teachers, leaders, and professional teams, and cultivating outstanding learners to create a harmonious and joyful learning environment.

We want children to want to come to a school where they can acquire proficiency in academics, multiple languages, and financial literacy.

We commit to continuously grow from “Good to Great”, maintaining a direction of sustainable development, and striving for continuous improvement to provide scholars with a higher quality learning environment, excellent educational systems, and nurturing curriculum.