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Paint it Bright

Paint it Bright

Nancy Khoo started by helping her children Nicole and Neil with their school projects as art had always been a passion.

She never seriously considered it a profession as she was too busy leading the corporate life.

But since giving up the rat race to take care of her children, her creative side had been twitching and she yearned to do more with her time.

As it happened, Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) opened its doors in January and a month later, Khoo came on board to help them with their arts and crafts subject.

“Arts and crafts has always been a passion. I am always creating something,” says Khoo with a laugh.

“I love helping my children with their school work and Nicole is just as creative. I get to work with her often as she is the hip-hop dance coach at GOTS.

“I also helped with the costumes and decorations for the Merdeka celebrations as well as Halloween and our year-end concert last month.

Although it has only been 10 months since she began teaching at GOTS, Khoo says the improvement has been tremendous.

“The children have been fantastic. They absorbed the lessons like a sponge and the proof is in the artwork which is displayed on the board outside the classrooms.”

To prepare for classes, Khoo says there are several pointers a teacher, or coach as they are called at GOTS, must understand or follow:

* It will get messy

* Do not give too many instructions

* Speak only about art

* Explore the art process

* Let them be

“They may get paint on their faces and all over their hands. That’s okay. It’s all part of the fun,” says Khoo.

“It is good to have guidelines but too many instructions may confuse them or turn them off.

“Similarly, we need to let a child express himself or herself. When a piece is finished and it is not what you expected, give constructive criticism to build them up.”

She says arts and crafts can help a child as it promotes physical development, cognitive development, creativity and critical thinking among others.

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