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Poetry Day

Poetry Day

Poetry in motion at GOTS

Did you know that poetry helps students to express themselves better?

This is especially true for the more introverted types who may find it difficult to open up to elders.

With World Poetry Day falling on Sunday, we spoke to Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School’s Head of English Jo-Ann Briggets on how poetry and literature can help students.

“People do not pick up paperback books as often as they used to. And because of that, the love for reading has dwindled,” said Briggets, who has a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers.

“Poetry and playwriting can invoke interest in reading and tap into students’ creativity.

“At the same time, it reinforces all the components of English – reading, writing, listening, speaking.

“Sometimes students find it difficult to be outspoken, and many use poetry as a way to say what they want. It is a good avenue for them to express their thoughts.”

She admitted the challenge is getting children interested as they can only understand and appreciate it more when they have a liking for it.

“In this more technological era, where electronic devices have become the go-to for people to read, the appreciation for written literature is a lot less,” said Briggets, who is thankful the scholars at GOTS International School have embraced the literature and poetry lessons.

A good example was last year’s Year 6 graduation where two scholars – Riyaa Reuban and Keshhav Parthiban – recited a poem and performed a rap respectively, to commemorate the occasion.

“There are many types of poetry and I consider rap part of it. The wordplay that is in rap is the same you would find in some poem styles,” she said.

“You are adding music to rhyming words. Just like how the minstrels did in the 17th century.

“Any form of literature can be modernised and can be appreciated in different ways.”

She added poetry and rap would also help improve one’s vocabulary.

“It has been proven to help students increase their vocabulary bank as they usually do not use the same words twice in a sentence or in a verse.

“They also learn things like connotations and how to use vocabulary to suit emotions – positive or negative. It also allows them to explore, reason and expand not just their vocabulary, but also their overall subject knowledge.”

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