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Quedy – another uncut diamond in GOTS International School’s talent pool

Quedy – another uncut diamond in GOTS International School’s talent pool

Quedy – another uncut diamond in GOTS International School’s talent pool
Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School has a reputation for nurturing musical talent.

From singers to dancers, drummers and a violinist, our scholars have done the school proud.

In conjunction with Hari Raya, one of our scholars, Izz Quedy Akhiruddin, released his debut single – Joget Indahnya Raya.

The 12-year-old, who hopes to be a musician when he grows up, has been singing since he was five.

“I released the single as I wanted to express how much I love Hari Raya and how much it means to spend the celebration with my family.

“We could not do that for two years because of Covid-19,” said the Year 7 scholar, who turns 13 on Dec 11.

“My mum (Tengku Adelin Tengku Zaliani), a vocal coach, introduced some of her musician friends to me, and we came up with the original song.

“Although I did not write the lyrics for Joget Indahnya Raya, it captured what I wanted to say.”

Quedy, whose stage name is QD, has composed several songs and hopes to record a full album.

“This is a single. It was more for fun. I am used to singing as part of a choir – Genius Seni Koir by Datuk Syafinaz Selamat – so, the next step is to record an album”, said Quedy, who plays the piano and “a little bit of guitar”.

Genius Seni Koir performed a medley of 12 songs at the prestigious 35th Anugerah Juara Lagu last year, earning rave reviews from critics.

That whetted Izz’s appetite to perform more and contributed to him working on the single for Hari Raya.

“The good thing about GOTS International School is, apart from the academics, the school also focuses on the arts. So, I have the freedom to explore music.”

Quedy, who idolises singer Hael Husaini, has some advice for aspiring singers.

“Never, ever smoke or vape. It will damage your vocal box. It is also not good for health,” said Quedy, whose favourite song is Hael’s 2019 Hari Raya release, Bersyukur Seadanya.

“If you want to become a singer, do not brag, or show off. Just work hard.”

True to his word, not many in GOTS International School know of his singing abilities, or that he has appeared on television on numerous occasions.

“My mum always says to be humble. Let others discover you. There is no reason to show off. So, I kept my single a secret – until now!”

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